Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charmed Life - Diana Wynne Jones

This is the Ninety-sixth in my one-book-at-a-time bookshelf.

I grow weary of adult tales, full of meaning and the sorrow of life. Time to indulge in my real passion, tales for children - uncomfortable but ultimately safe (or largely safe or mostly safe).

I overlooked Diana Wynne Jones for many years and I owe my children for discovering her and growing  my bookshelf with many of her works - though I have become chief financier in recent times as I have become attached to her particular charms.

There is an inherent logic to Jones imagined worlds, including the rather cluttered worlds of the Chrestomanci, but that doesn't mean all is revealed to the reader. In many ways she is reminiscent of Cherryh in that regard though her touch is lighter and accessible to the younger reader.

This is the first of her Chrestomanci books and she writes as if you should know all about what is going on - delightful. Beware of misdirection and expect a cracking finish.


  1. I *love* Diana Wynne Jones! I discovered her as an adult too, on the shelves of a library I worked at. I went on to devour everything she'd written that I could find in my local library system. The Chrestomanci series is a favourite :)

    1. Snap! Amazing that there are still treasures out there yet to be discovered.