Saturday, December 05, 2015

The brave new world of audio books

I have ventured into unexplored territory - unexplored by me, well trodden by others. The world of the audio book.

I have been listening to podcats on my daily commute and sometimes I ran short and I had a long trip on the horizon, so I decided to try an audio book.

A friendly librarian showed me how to borrow an audio book from my public library. Wow. Did it all without leaving my chair. I chose an old favourite from John Le Carre and I was not disappointed. I didn't realise that reading a book was an art form, a performance. But it was. I was as engrossed as if I had been reading it myself. 12 hours went in a flash. I've reserved another for later on.

BTW, the BorrowBox app from Bolinda was excellent. So different to my typical ebook experience.