Saturday, December 05, 2015

The brave new world of audio books

I have ventured into unexplored territory - unexplored by me, well trodden by others. The world of the audio book.

I have been listening to podcats on my daily commute and sometimes I ran short and I had a long trip on the horizon, so I decided to try an audio book.

A friendly librarian showed me how to borrow an audio book from my public library. Wow. Did it all without leaving my chair. I chose an old favourite from John Le Carre and I was not disappointed. I didn't realise that reading a book was an art form, a performance. But it was. I was as engrossed as if I had been reading it myself. 12 hours went in a flash. I've reserved another for later on.

BTW, the BorrowBox app from Bolinda was excellent. So different to my typical ebook experience.



  1. Linden11:10 am

    Soon you will be on audible and filling all available hours with fabulous audio experiences. It's amazing how many books you can read when walking, gardening and commuting become opportunities to read/listen. And non fiction is particularly good listening - Barrack Obama personally read me his Audacity of Hope!

    1. I've already noticed that one can potter about the garden while listening. I think I am hooked. Listening The Spy Who Came in From the Cold and have reserved Smiley's People.