Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not just twits on Twitter

Over the years I have been on Twitter I've added to my follows some tweeps that demonstrate that Twitter isn't just a mash-up of trolls, half baked rumours and mentions of small dogs.

Some examples of people and things I follow that are not twits and you might find interesting. Please comment if you wish to suggest others to me.

I'm not saying that Nobel prize winners are an authority on everything, but they are an authority on something and tend to be driven by evidence. I've got a couple.

I've been following Professor Peter Doherty @ProfPCDoherty for a while and he tends to comment a little on politics and a little on his area of specialty. I'm surprised he doesn't have more followers (or am I surprised?). In any case he is an elder statesman who continue to contribute to society.

I've also been following Barry Marshall @barjammar and have been relieved to find that even Nobel prize winners have frustrating battles with telecommunication companies!

I've been a big fan of The Conversation since they started and I pick up many of the articles via their twitter feed @ConversationEDU. It is great to get informed information that clearly identifies the author's credentials and affiliations. I get my second opinion from this place.

I started following Chris Hadfield @Cmdr_Hadfield while he was circling the earth and WHAT an eye opener that was. He tweeted photos of the earth below, talked us through preparation for a space walk, played guitar and had his hair cut on video. Over achiever and nice guy. And a scientist.

It is always timely to follow the fabulous, no nonsense @AntonyGreenABC who provides the FACTS and nothing but the facts. He is a must follow for political aficionados.

And lastly one of my news feeds @abcnewsPerth. Can I call this a wire? I rarely finds out anything new from the newspaper and I can follow the links for more depth.

Any suggestions? Please add via a comment.

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  1. Sue Cook ‏@Suelibrarian suggested that I follow another Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt @cosmicpinot who I have now added to my follows.