Sunday, July 07, 2013

Two roads diverged

Mr 12 brought home a copy of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken which he had annotated (or marked up would we say now?) with his thoughts as part of a class exercise. We discussed what the poet might have meant.

I was prompted to search the bookcase for my Selected Poems of Robert Frost which I had retained from my long distant high school days. No surprise, as you can see below, but I had also marked it up when I studied it.

We compared notes and I pointed out a couple of Frost's other poems that I particularly liked and could recall snatches of to this day. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall..."

I was reminded of this adventure in poetry when I read @flexnib's recent post on poetry. As I commented on her post poetry takes time and effort and we are not a generation that likes either. My poetry comes from music these days and I like artists who have lyrics that resonate. I was listening to Jackson Browne's The Pretender this morning and his line "Caught between the longing for love, And the struggle for the legal tender" resonated.

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