Monday, January 27, 2014

Gormenghast - Mervyn Peake

This is the Hundred-and-sixteenth in my one-book-at-a-time bookshelf.

I was undecided about including this book in my bookshelf posts as it is a trilogy of which I have only read the first book [confession]. However recent conversation about The Silmarillion being read or unread, but still residing on people's shelves inspired me to include it anyway.

I read the first book, Titus Groan, many years ago and was blown away by the rich visual imagery and the incarnation of characters. I can't for the life of me recall the plot but I can recall the impact of the vivid language. This is unusual for me as I nearly always read a book for the story and the fate of the characters. I think I was overwhelmed by the richness, like a blue cheese, and have not felt strong enough for another taste. However Mervyn Peake was a genius and I fully intend to go back and read all of this trilogy. Bucket list. Until then it stays on my bookshelf.

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