Thursday, January 16, 2014

How much Tolkien is too much?

On my bookshelf there is one author who is not only well represented but over represented.

I refer of course to Tolkien and in particular to the Lord of the Rings.

I have the three book, boxed, paperback set that I purchased in 1978 (along with the first edition of The Silmarillion and a biography by Humphrey Carpenter) and which I like but which has faded and in which the binding is failing. Read too often I am afraid.

My better half brought to our relationship a single volume paperback (far too cumbersome for my tastes) and a boxed, Alan Lee illustrated, hardcover set (too nice for actual reading).

In recent times I found a boxed, paperback set of all the actual 'books' with Tolkien's titles (such as 'The Ring Goes South') and these are my preferred version for reading. I find the volumes easier to handle and the text is a nice size (meaning it is suitably large).

I don't have a Kindle version but I think that is inevitable.

And I have on the shelf the already mentioned The Hobbit, Farmer Giles of Ham, and Tree and Leaf.

I think it is time I added a little more Tolkien to my one-book-at-a-time bookshelf.

Footnote: You may notice a boxed set of the special extended edition of the Peter Jackson films and I am happy to have them on the shelf - though the books would get preference any day - and they have been watched with pleasure on more than occasion. The extended version is quite a bit longer than the cinema release and good value. I recently saw the second film in The Hobbit set, twice, and if there is eventually an extended version then it will find me a willing buyer.

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