Sunday, September 21, 2014

Farewell faithful companion (Nokia 3120)

Until recently I may have been the last person in the civilised world (and certainly in my household) not to possess a smartphone. However I was the proud possessor of a Nokia 3120, a candy bar style silver beauty of a phone.

It held its charge for almost two weeks. It fitted into a small zip pocket on my work trousers, weighed almost nothing and never, ever had a technical problem of any sort. I will admit that I am not a big user of telephony of any sort, preferring txt to voice and when using txt on my Nokia I never used two words when one would do. In fact I often used one word. Usually 'okay' or 'yes'. I never mastered speed texting on a phone with no predictive text and no alphanumeric keypad. It suited my parsimonious use of the language. I was contactable and that was the main thing.

However there were one or two things that I couldn't do (such as check my email, browse the web, look up a map, take a photo or use any form of social media) and they, combined with the deteriorating screen and battery life, pushed me over the edge.

I miss the old phone, constant (and usually silent) companion for over 8 years. All things pass but nostalgia is forever.



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