Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Leaking tap - afterword

When I was struggling with the leaky garden tap I was also struggling with the mains tap.
It was very difficult to turn off and in the end I replaced the old tap with a trickle still coming through the pipes.

However the brains trust encouraged me to report the difficult mains tap to the water authority, which I did using a web form. Imagine my surprise when I came home that same day and it had been replaced with a bright shiny new tap.

I was curious about how it was done. Turning off the water in the street would have to be done from down the road and would inconvenience everyone in the street and take a lot longer for the plumber. My question was answered by examining the evidence. Clearly the plumber had just taken off the tap, water gushing, replaced it with a new one. The job would have taken less than 30 seconds. Neat.



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