Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fixing a leaking tap

This is not an allegory.

The front garden tap was leaking. I would replace the washer. How hard could that be.

Turn off the mains.

Undo the top of the tap. First problem. The pipe was only loosely fixed to the wall and I had no firm anchor. First solution, use another wrench to hold the tap (against my knee) while I undid the top.

Take out the old washer. Second problem the washer seemed to be very unusual or it had broken in the tap.

Consult the brains trust via email. Suggestion, just get the broken white bit out. That proved too hard.

My sister suggested I just replace the whole tap. Better suggestion.

Go to big warehouse place and buy a new tap. Umm. Is it 15mm or 20mm? Didn't bring old tap (it was busy keeping the reservoir from emptying into our front garden). Make educated guess. Buy 20mm tap. Take off old tap. Realise educated guess was wrong. Back to big warehouse (conveniently open lots of hours on the weekend). Buy new tap.

Second solution, replace whole tap. Success!

Sometimes the smallest jobs can take just the most effort.


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  1. Chris Howell1:05 am

    Wow, thanks for the guide it really does seem that this would be the easiest solution to fix my leaky faucet. I was thinking of buying a whole new housing for it anyway and this could really fix the issue. Let's hope it never leaks again after this awesome fix!