Friday, June 14, 2013

Award winning and open

At my library we recently won the Library Board of Western Australia Award for Excellence for our work on the Virtual Bookshelf, which I have previously mentioned.

I am delighted that our work was recognized by the award but I am particularly pleased that a key element in the success of our nomination was recognition that we are sharing the software. As you might know, if you have developed software in-house, getting it into a fit state for sharing is a task in itself and one that has few tangible benefits for your own organisation. Going the extra yard takes extra time and effort and it is great to work in an organisation that values engagement with the library profession beyond our own walls.

If you are interested in the Virtual Bookshelf software you can request access here.


  1. Peter, this is absolutely fantastic. I was a library student at Curtin last year and I thought at that time the visual element is fantastic for promoting new ebooks. Now that I'm working as a librarian in an academic library, I'm thinking of suggesting this for our library. Congrats on the award!

  2. Hello Renee, nice to hear that you liked it as a student and are looking at it. Thanks for the congrats.