Thursday, June 27, 2013

Minecraft bringing teens into the public library

I recently asked the twitter network to help me find some examples of Minecraft being used in public libraries. The request was sparked by someone wanting to know if making Minecraft available within their public library might draw into the library the teenage demographic that is under represented.

I know as much about Minecraft as the next person with children who play - which is to say quite a LOT without having used it myself. It seems to me a great medium for creative, cooperative and safe online recreation and a good fit for a library environment (with the right management and controls).

Twitter provided three examples, the first two via @edwardshaddow and the third via @tamavisions

[City of Stonnington, Prahran library has Minecraft on Xbox360]

Is this a good idea for a public library? Do you have other examples to share?


  1. Following up your query led me to way more sources than I could include in a comment, so I blogged a reply. Three blogs share informative public library Minecraft event retrospectives. Google found dozens of listings of Minecraft events in public libraries - for children, teens, young adults and open ages.

    1. Thanks Mica for digging a bit deeper and sharing.