Monday, June 17, 2013

Planning the (virtual) Library

At the recent THETA conference I gave a presentation on managing the virtual library - an area which has been a focal point for the last year or so at my library.

The slides and audio of my talk are now available online.

One of the things I talked about were our virtual library principles. They describe what we think a successful virtual library would look like and they have been helpful in our strategic and operational planning.

I share them here.

The following principles guide the development and management of the virtual library.

The Virtual Library will:

  • endeavour to deliver services and resources anytime, on any device, at any location, using the principles of universal design, without unnecessary access restriction.
  • provide information about services and resources that is coherent, client centred, comprehensive and correct.
  • be innovative in the services and resources it provides and in the ways it delivers them.
  • provide services and resources that encourage clients to be self-sufficient.
  • make clear the role and availability of library staff behind the provision of services and resources, encouraging the use of images and contact details of library staff and avoiding anonymous/automated/[disembodied] responses.

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