Sunday, June 07, 2015

Mindless and proud of it

Going against the current trend I hearby extoll the virtue of mindlessness, an oft overlooked boon to those determined to improve their lives.

I will explain.

My regular exercise is a morning walk. Every single damn morning. Usually during the week this means getting out of bed at 5.30am. At this time of the year it is dark and will still be dark when I get back from the walk. It is cold (by Perth standards) and sometimes it rains. Cold, dark and wet. Sometimes.

The trick to doing the walk every day is to be mindless. Not to lie in bed and contemplate the weather or the warmth about to be foresaken. That is called thinking and it is the enemy of the early morning walker. The body must arise without the inhibiting interfering meddlesome mind. The body must roll out of bed, get dressed in the pitch black and quietly leave the house. The mind is not needed until the first corner where there might be traffic. At that point, well past the point of no return, one can be mindful, watching for traffic and muggers and dog sh*t. One can even notice a sunrise and take a snap.

Mindlessness is a good thing, in moderation. Use this elemental power for good not evil and your life will be so much the better.


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