Thursday, June 11, 2015

The best camera is the one in your pocket

I am a recent convert to smart phones, having given up my perfectly adequate but fading Nokia candy bar, the faithful companion of many years.

Now the smart phone has many advantages and the ubiquitous connection to all things internet is something I don't ever want to relinquish now that it has become my new faithful companion. A recent much delayed morning train commute was ameliorated by my access to the internet.

However it not the internet alone that has made the smart phone my new best friend. It is...the camera. I think that I use my phone to take a photo most days. I take a snap of the whiteboard notes (and sometimes print it out and put it up on my office wall), a snap of the slide at a talk and mundane things like broken paving or the entrance of a new library. The quality is excellent and my Canon IXUS rarely gets an outing. Probably the only time I revert is for close ups using the macro setting.

And sometimes I just see something that demands to be captured. I share this snap from a few days ago of a drift of Autumn leaves on brick paving. The shape and colour and texture are breathtaking.




  1. My phone is full of games and diversions and apps of all kinds but the thing I use most of all is the camera...even more than the actual "phoney" bits like calling and texting! I love the camera.

  2. I seldom use my smartphone to google or chat with my friends via several social media, but I am fond of taking photos; over the years, pixel density of mobiles has improved very much to my surprise, though I confess I do miss the feeling of pressing button .

    By the way, these leaves are really awesome, especially blending in with the blueish grey brick floor.