Friday, June 19, 2015

No garden without a gardener

There is a phrase I hear from time to time 'set and forget' but I don't think that such a thing exists in this universe. The nature of existence is that all things move towards a state of low entropy and if you want to create something then you are simply holding back the inevitable tide towards a low energy, randomised universal state.

To hold back that tide, to create a garden, requires a gardener, a constant vigilant presence that maintains the order, renews and refreshes and is ultimately defeated by the universe. All a gardener can do is maintain a place, a still point, a sanctuary, for a time but time will overcome all and then there will be an ending. Is this what defines 'life'? That thing which works against the tide of randomised matter, or is 'life' just a brief by-product of things that happen in a blink of the celestial and eye and are then gone?

Being a little less cosmological, 'set and forget' is an enemy at work and in life in general. Permanence is an illusion and if you take your eye off the garden it will be full of weeds and a tangle of bushes, or a brown remnant of green. Perhaps mindfullness is just another way of saying to take nothing for granted, to avoid complacency and to live in the moment - for the moment might be suddenly gone.

Time for a coffee in the garden.


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