Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Two can play that game

Birthday presents can be a challenge. With family they seem to come around so quickly and it can be expedient to do the gift voucher (and I'm not saying they are not appreciated, in case you get the wrong idea) but gift vouchers in a card can be a bit flat.
This year I bought an ornamental wooden duck for one of my sisters. Inspiration quacked at me and I couldn't resist it. Not the usual present and it was a great talking point even if my sanity was called into question - again.

So I guess that I shouldn't have been surprised when my birthday came around to find a present of note, a tin can toucan, a metal ornamental bird. 'Toucan play at game' the wrapping paper read.

To add to the fun my sister had changed her twitter avatar to a toucan two weeks ago and was dropping occasional toucan jokes. I asked about it and got evasive answers. Still the penny didn't drop.

Now I am the very happy owner of a bright toucan.

Does twice make a trend? Hmm.



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