Monday, June 06, 2016

Hands free (or how I learn to stop driving and love podcasts)

I have been taking the train and bus to work for well over a year and am now well settled into the routine of public transport. If I had planned to ease the journey by reading a book then I would have been somewhat frustrated. Often on the train I am standing and the bus leg can be busy and very jerky. Reading a book would be a somewhat hit and miss and a bit of a chore. However listening to a podcast leaves my hands free and can continue whilst I change from train to bus and walk to the office.

These are my regular and favoured podcasts (hopefully not giving too much insight into my personality but you might see some politics and science and technology).

Chat 10 Looks 3 - Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb chat to each other. Sounds rather like a Seinfeld plot, but actually riveting and engaging and informative. Food, films, books and things. I never miss an episode.

The Silent Majority - Two Canberra journalists with an offbeat personal take on politics, which is interesting, but more interesting are the candid conversations with politicians who drop in for a chat. The quality of the audio is patchy, which is irritating but reflects the done-on-no-budget nature of the podcast.

The Minefield - Features the ubiquitous Waleed Aly and offsider Scott Stephens.Thoughtful intellectual discussion of difficult issues. Fabulous. Warning - contains Aristotle.

Michelle Grattan - Veteran Canberra journalist doing political interviews for The Conversation.

Control Z - Internet, technology and culture. Snappy and informative.

Download This Show - More internet, technology and culture. This is how I keep up with new things. Recommended to me and now compulsory listening.

Late Night Live - Phillip Adams talks to guests and has done for decades. Intellectual, left leaning but very interesting.

The Science Show - Magazine style science journalism with Robyn Williams who is a national icon of science broadcasting. I've listened to this for years and it has been a thing for decades.

Ockham's Razor - Short 15 minute presentation each week, curated by Robyn Williams, and gives a person the chance to present an idea. Like the The Science Show I have listened to this for many years.



  1. Thanks for these recommendations.. *opens podbean

  2. Hope you find something you enjoy :)