Saturday, June 04, 2016

Triple Solo Sailor - The Daily Challenge

Wanting to mark the 30th Anniversary of Jon Sanders' triple circumnavigation using material held by the library, including the noon summaries and log books, meant setting out on a daily blog challenge that makes #blogjune pale by comparison. Blogging and tweeting each and every day for over 600 days is daunting but a journey starts with a single step, and in Jon Sanders' case a lot of food!

Needless to say the solution required a crew of people, those who understood the archival material, those who understood communication and someone able to create a technical solution to generate and publish a blog post at noon each day, draw on the fly from material transcribed from the noon summaries and log book entries and visual material, all of which vary day by day and over time, and within the constraints of a blog post and of a tweet.


I won't go into the detail at this time but like Jon Sanders who managed to sleep whilst sailing single handed we also can rest easy at times whilst keeping one eye open on the long journey.

Day 11 as I write. Follow at or @triplesolo


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