Monday, June 06, 2016

When your app goes away

I am writing this using Blogsy, an iPad app that I've used for a few years to author posts on my Blogger blog. It has been very serviceable and most of the posts on my blog have been written on my iPad using this app. Trying to author posts on the iPad using the native Blogger interface is AWFUL.

Blogsy is dead. Gone. No more. Finished. Gone to the great archive of apps removed from service.

The ghost of Blogsy on my iPad lives on, for the moment, but there will be no more updates and eventually it will break and not be able to reload from the App Store when I upgrade or lose everything off my iPad (as happened late last year).


Wanted: a nice iPad app that works with Blogger. Please apply within.


  1. Wordpress :) I know it isn't Blogger, but it's a much better platform