Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little more Tove Jansson

When I was visiting Gothenberg University (in Sweden) I was surprised to see an exhibition in their library of works by Tove Jansson. I asked about this, knowing she was Finish, and discovered that she was from Swedish speaking parents and in fact Swedish is still a substantial language in Finland. She was much admired in Sweden and I suspect many Northern European countries.

Here are some snaps from the book exhibition for your enjoyment.

Classic Moomintroll books.

And some more Moomin...

This little fellow looks familiar. A burglar by trade?

Doing the hard work for another author.

Alice I Underlandet!

Illustrations, but not a kids book.


  1. I loved the Mumins (spelled like that in German) when I was growing up. I think they are popular all over Europe, as I bought a few French Mumin books for the boys when we lived in France, and they were easy to find...

    1. I am not surprised. Must be time for a revival in Australia!