Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Black Diamond

I'm not the first person to admire the Royal Library in Denmark, which is both the National Library of Denmark and the University Library of the University of Copenhagen. And my couple of photos will probably not match those many, many found on the web. However I had the privilege to visit and get a tour by the Director and will add my photographs to the Internet.

The building has a 'black' glass exterior.

Looking out of that glass from inside gives a view of the waters.

The view is pretty nice from other places too.

As you rise up in the interior you look down on the escalators and bridge.

Looking to one side you can see into the reading room. If you look closely you will see that these are reserved seating for scholars who are using material out of the collection and they may have that space for six months or longer. The valuable books surround them as they work.

And I can't finish without noting, again, the dominance of the bicycle, this time in Copenhagen. You also get a good view in this picture of the much older buildings at the rear onto which the modern extension has been built and which also forms part of the library.

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