Saturday, June 14, 2014

Competence comes before confidence

I heard on the radio about an address by an Admiral McRaven who's advice was to start the day by making your bed. You can see it for yourself at Change the World and I believe it has gone viral so you may have already seen it.

His point was that making the bed started the day on the right foot and that doing one thing and doing it well led naturally to doing the next thing and so on. And if your day was lousy at least you came back to a made bed! The psychologist on the radio said something that resonated with me, 'competence comes before confidence'. Doing something well, even something small, build confidence. He liked the 'make your bed' analogy.

Now in my job I can go days or weeks or months before something is successfully completed. It's the nature of the work but you don't get the satisfaction of a competed task everyday. So I compensate by doing the dishes. I really enjoy washing dishes (at home). I can turn a mess into orderly cleanliness and that always gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Yuk. Gotta clean that up!

Here come the suds.
Ah. That's better. Ready for the next meal.
(Offers of psychoanalysis politely declined.)


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