Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let there be light

I drive with my headlights on during the day. I believe this improves my safety on the road. Other cars can see me more clearly and not do anything stupid, or if I do something stupid (and we all do sometimes) then they may compensate for my stupidity if they can see me. However the downside of driving with my lights on all the time is that the globes blow more often.

As it turns out cars are not always designed for easy maintenance. And I am not the most mechanically minded person. I could get the lights changed when the car gets serviced but that is sometime away and driving with one headlight (or none) seems to go against my goal of improved safety.

The car parts place will change the globe for me for $10 but do I want someone barely old enough to drive themselves doing that job and costing me $10. No I don't.

In the front passenger side you have to remove the coolant bottle. On the driver's side you have to unclamp the battery and move it about two inches. Perhaps the designers never expected the car to outlast the light globes?

Long socket and the battery is unclamped and moved back a little.


Out comes the old globe taking careful note of how the spring clip works.

Oh and by the way don't touch the new globe with your bare fingers or it will not last very long after you put it in. Hence the gloves, the lamp and the socket. And the car manual.



Job done. Money saved. Sense of satisfaction. Priceless.



  1. This could be useful - bookmarked for future reference - thanks!

  2. How long did it take you to replace the globe? Is your time worth more than $10? :)

    1. Took me 15 minutes. I am not worth $40 an hour on the weekend! Anyway I enjoyed the sense of satisfaction.