Sunday, June 15, 2014

Never leave home without...


I've often said to myself and anyone who will listen 'never leave your hotel room without your camera and your map'.

The map may help you find your way home after you have inevitably gotten lost. Getting lost is an important part of exploring a new city. If you don't get lost then you aren't doing it right. And indeed the map in your pocket may not help you by itself especially if you have walked so far in the wrong direction that you are now off the map. I have done this recently. Or if the street names are so long, as recently mentioned by Con that they are hard to get your head around. However the map will help avert that sense of panic that comes from being completely lost, disoriented and jet lagged in a city that doesn't speak your language.

It is as important to never, never leave behind your camera. Even if you are just going out to buy some supplies or to have breakfast, even breakfast in the hotel, you never, never know what you will see and that demands to be captured. On my recent travels I took over 900 photos in 14 days. Treasures.

Here is an example. The Hockyroos were based in the same hotel in The Hague that I stayed. I thought it would be too intrusive to have taken their photo at breakfast but I did take a photo of their tables, set out for them each morning and with a nice touch of the Aussie flag. BTW, they were very nice, said hello when you passed them in the lobby and seemed so young, but tall!

Footnote: Yes, I know that the smart phone can be both camera and map, but I don't have one and any way the principle is the same!


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    The smart phone battery is usually flat when you need it most and network coverage is not always reliable. Paper map still has its place :)

    1. Absolutely! You can sit on a paper map and no damage done.