Thursday, June 26, 2014

Robert Frost and Chicken Soup

Something there is...that makes me want to find my Robert Frost.

'The Tuft of Flowers' was one of the poems I studied at school (as you can see from my annotations) that has always stayed with me. A sign of a great poem I think. You may like to read it online.


Chicken Soup (Julie Goodwin's excellent recipe) was what got me thinking. The makings had all been prepared by my better half who was out doing kids taxi service when I got home. I got busy making the soup which she enjoyed later. We made the soup together even though not together.

Robert Frost and Chicken Soup.



  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    I like the way you've made this link Peter - it's powerful drawing together two disparate seemingly unconnected things.

    1. Thanks. I thought it was a fun thing to link two iconic images. Glad you liked.